International schools in Paris !

  • By Alexandre
  • 29 avril 2019
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Just arriving in Paris, you’re looking for a school for your children ?

Here is our favorites schools in the French capital city !

Prices are different and depend of the learning method.

Montessori’s cool – Street 5 Emile Allez in the 17th district.

First of all, a Montessori school which is not international, but one of the two teachers in class speaks in English moreover, most of them are bilinguals. Nevertheless, children will learn French.

Classes are small and age are different. In the little one, children have from 3 to 6 years old, which is beneficial for their mentality and their personal development. As there are two teachers, they are present for all of them, so they can spend as much time children need.

Montessori is based on autonomy, specials activities and on aged-mix.
The price is around 8.380 euros per year.

In the 16th district, there is the EIB or ISP school – 123 Rue de la Pompe.

This school is until the last year in elementary school.
This one is international, there are a lot of different cultures.
For a new student, the price depend of the teaching year and of the place. Its between 6 000 and 23 000 euros per year. It’s a private school and all the benefits are for the school renovation.

Ecole Internationale Montessori Bilingue Paris 17 – 33 Boulevard Berthier.

Another Montessori school in Paris is based in the 17th and has the same way of thinking that Montessori’s cool. The happiness and the children’s development is primordial for them.
Before being accepted in the school, there is a one week test to know if the Montessori system is good for the child.
The admission price is 900 euros the first year, 250 euros for the next ones. About the school price per year is 10.920 euros for less than 6 years old children and 11.760 for older ones.

Bilingual International School Paris BISP – Two schools in the 15th district.

The school was created by parents from the international community.
There is more than 25 nationalities in the school. The kids are in small classes, maximum 12 students.
The admission price is 500 euros and the school price depend of the child age, between 11.800 to 14.800 euros.

Third and last Montessori school in Paris is the WI school International Montessori School.

The application can be done on the internet. The application (interview) and acceptation steps are made on site, in Paris.
School aim is to make the children responsible and to improve their curiosity.
The school fees are around 698 euros each month.

Marymount school is a private one located in Neuilly-sur-Seine.

These school fees are consequent from 21.000 for the younger to almost 50.000 euros for the oldest students, it’s a non-profit organization.
Extra courses are available for pupils who aren’t speaking English.

Your children are growing, its time for them to go to the uni ?

Why not the Schiller International University in the 15th district ?

Different bachelors and MBA are taught as finance and statistics.
Courses are in English and based on the English way of study.
Each year, the school fees are about 12.800 euros.

Last but not least ! Located in the 12th district of Paris, The EmLyon Business School is also another university with an English way of thinking.

They purposed a global BBA in 4 years (the last one is a specialization). All the courses are in English. For the EmLyon Master, only two are available in English and in Paris : Finance and Luxury.
The school price is about 10.500 euros per year.

Don’t hesitate to come to the French capital. They are a lot of international schools in Paris so your children will be welcomed in the best Parisian ones

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